Easy Cake Decorating Ideas: Add Piping

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas: Add Piping
Using a pastry bag with a large star tip will help you re-create the look of this Double-Layer White Chocolate Cake. Tint each row of frosting a darker shade to produce an ombre effect.

An easy technique that gives your cake a sophisticated look is piping your frosting through a pastry bag. There are different types of bag tips that will get you different looks on your cake:

  • Round tips are used to make lines, dots, and writing.
  • Star tips are used to create stars, shells, flowers, decorative borders, and rosettes.
  • Leaf tips are used to make leaf shapes.
  • Basket-weave tips are used to make lattices and ribbonlike lines and borders.

How to Decorate a Cake with Frosting

  • Fill a pastry bag about two-thirds full of frosting.
  • Fold the corners over, and roll the bag down to the frosting.
  • With one hand, grip the bag near the roll above the frosting.
  • Apply pressure with the palm of your hand, forcing the frosting toward the tip.
  • Use your other hand to guide the tip of the bag.

You can use one of those piping nozzles:


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