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kitty cat silicone mold fondant cake handmade chocolate mold silicone mold


(7 customer reviews)
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Silicone mold cleaning and maintenance:

1. Before first use, first with water or detergent cleaning to remove surface dirt. Before a mold for baking, use a small amount of butter applied inside the mold. Even when using a mold, such as empty slots can be added to the water tank empty, air burning is prohibited.
2. After each use, can be soaked in diluted detergent solution for 10-30 minutes, wash with a soft cloth for cleaning, do not use harsh cleaning balls and other items cleaned to avoid mold damage caused by scratches. After washing please dry, placed in a storage box, the silica reaction prone to static electricity, will absorb tiny particles in the air and dust, long-term when not in use, avoid direct exposure to the air.
3. For the oven, the oven must be placed in the middle portion, and heating to keep a distance of about 10cm, and keeping the oven walls 5cm distance, so as not to damage the mold temperature.
4. This is the part of the mold has a gap when the factory has been cut open, the release is to facilitate buyers. If you do not cut, you can not release. In use, the incision for good after wrapped in plastic wrap or put rubber bands can pour liquid

Silicone mold Product Features:
1. Silicone Silicone main component is silica A is present in the sand, stone, crystal natural ingredients. Not rubber Rubber, nor plastic Plastic! Silica gel is a rock on the beach, low-carbon environment.
2. The high-strength silicone flexibility, corrosion resistance, optimum temperature for cooking, baking, is the best raw material in direct contact with food, and simple and practical.
3. Adoption of detection, health, natural antibacterial, can prevent bacterial and fungal growth. Therefore, infant supplies, medical supplies, there are a lot of silicone products. Such as: pacifiers, silicone plastic and the like.
4. Can be recycled, durable, low energy consumption.
5. The mechanical properties of a stable structure, which has extreme temperature resistance, a wide temperature range. Temperature the lowest temperature of minus 40 degrees, the maximum temperature of 230 degrees, the heat that is evenly frozen.
6. having other types of cleaning agents and corrosive substances corrosion resistance and easy to clean.
7. After use, any raw material will not stick to the mold.




Cake Tools

Obscene Picture




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Sexually Suggestive




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approximately 108g


Food-grade liquid silicone environmental protection

Temperature range

-40degree — 230degree


Baking candy mold cakes chocolate biscuit mold

Product Name

kitty cat silicone mold

7 reviews for kitty cat silicone mold fondant cake handmade chocolate mold silicone mold

  1. J***z

    Todo perfecto. Vendedor excelente.

  2. B***I

    11일에 시켰는데 18일에 옴

  3. Y***z

    Me gustaron

  4. T***i

    класс но только очень маленькие

  5. N***a

    Фигурки получаются небольшие, примерно 1,5 см х2,5 см, но очень милые, с хорошей детализацией. Отлично подходят для изготовления детских украшений. Спасибо продавцу за прекрасный товар!

  6. M***a

    gostei muito.. recomendo.

  7. L***i

    excelente material recomiendo

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